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Spring 2012

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Smart Remodeling - A Steve Gray Renovations publication for Indianapolis' homeowners
Welcome to the new and improved SGR Newsletter that we’re calling Smart Remodeling.
Why are we calling it Smart Remodeling? One of our goals is to provide information to Indianapolis homeowners to help them understand and learn about remodeling processes. In turn this ensures you make smart decisions when the time comes for you to improve and update your home.

Whether a homeowner is spending $500 or $500,000 it’s important to understand how home improvement contractors and remodeling companies work. Why? I can only comment from my perspective…  the greatest thing about our company and my job is not the dollar value of each project, but the possibilities… creating a new relationship, improving a client’s home and lifestyle and building something beautiful they’ll enjoy each day. To be able to do this—trust must be in place.

Top Tips from SGREach edition of Smart Remodeling will tell similar stories featuring the design detail. We also will include great household tips. These are useful pieces of information for your daily life. We’re looking for your tips and ideas to include. Send them along.

Top Tips from SGR

The story is the first edition of Smart Remodeling is a great example of a trusted relationship that created great design and lifestyle improvements. The Outdoor Oasis project started with a simple conversation between me and my client during a baseball practice. We had a casual ballpark relationship that transformed into a trusted working relationship that encompasses honesty, integrity, quality and craftsmanship. As the project and relationship evolved, I trusted the client’s dream and they trusted me to turn it into reality. That combination allowed us to build something beautiful with my professional partners who provided great details to enhance the client’s lifestyle.

We look forward to hearing from you with feedback to this first edition! If you have any questions, please email us, we will be happy to assist and respond.

Steve Gray

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