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Spring 2013

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Remodeling MagazineYou Don’t Need No Satisfaction
You can always find something to improve at your company

Steve Gray shares his knoweldge through experience and persistance in his latest article for Remodeling Magazine. Click here to read it...

Moxie ShowerheadMoxie Showerhead
Calling all Shower Singers

Okay. So, we all know you sing in the shower when no one is around. Now Kohler is making that guilty pleasure easier and cooler.

The Moxie Showerhead’s integrated wireless speaker, you no longer have to get out of the shower to hear your playlist clearly. This bluetooth-enabled shower head is both rechargeable and removable. You can easily take it with you if want to take the tunes beyond the shower. It works with smartphones,MP3 players and any Bluetooth-enable devices. Read more...

Moxie ShowerheadA Father's Pride

Passion for what Steve Gray does is part of what makes him successful. His father taught him to work hard, so he's proud to say that that message has been passed down to his son. Read more...

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