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Summer 2012

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It’s an understatement to say this was a hot, dry summer. SGR Partners have been working hard with clients to help maintain their homes and yards. They offer these insights and tips:

SGR Top Tips
Yes, lawns became brown and crunchy this season, but they’re not dead. Sundown Gardens Joe Russ says as long as you don’t walk on the dry lawn, it will come back. When it’s in a dormant state, don’t let the kids play or dogs run around on the crunchy stuff and it’ll return to green when Spring arrives.

SGR Top Tips
OK, your AC has been working overtime. Larry Howald, owner of Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing, says change your air filter, even if it doesn’t look dirty, and wash the outside coil of the ac unit with a garden hose. These two easy maintenance tips will help the efficiency of your air conditioner unit.

SGR Top Tips
Did you know attic insulation settles over time? Steve Gray says insulation should measure 14 to 16 inches in thickness to effectively work for you. One of the best products SGR has found is Rockwool Insulation for attics. The cost to reinsulate can save in heating and cooling cost over time.

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